The Plastic Mask

  • Plastic Mask   material:different plastic packagings, transparent silicone 
  • I used lots of plastic packagings that are used for artificial food, such as 卫龙, instant noodles, fish cakes, and artificial drink, cutting them into tiny small squares and layer the packaging up. 

    Some of the words on the plastic packaging are sarcastic. “100% nature flavor” “soup base” “健康,快乐,美味无处不在(healthy, happy, delicacy is everywhere)” “seasoned with real kimchi”,and overwhelming charts of artificial addictive. The more that the packaging is stressing on the authenticity of the food, the more feeling of the fake that it arouses.

  • The mask provides the mouth with numerous approachable artificial food. however it also blocked out the fresh air. People rely on plastic goods create temporary beautifulness. China is the biggest manufacture country of small plastic goods. Our lives are crowded with plastic goods that try to construct a ideal environment that has the superficial prosperity to conceal the emptiness and isolation between people. The psychological gap is filled with plastic products.