• Soundcore Flare

    Portable Wireless Speaker
    Design: Larry Koo, Hyungwoo Yoon
    Project lead: Natalie Chan

    Soundcore Flare is a portable speaker that delivers an immersive audio experience equipped with an synchronized light show.  No matter where the music needs to be, Flare is suited up and ready.  Impermeable IPX7 protection effortlessly withstands spills, rain, and even complete submersion in water.  For multiplied intensity, double the Flare and pair 2 speakers simultaneously.  Sound and light synchronizes seamlessly across both speakers for a multi-dimensional experience that transcends your senses.

    The design of Soundcore Flare is an expression of music and light harmony. Concept of the speaker body imply the gesture of naturally dropping a dress over a body.  Aesthetically, the curvature creates a continuous change on the body shape in a subtle and elegantly from top to the bottom.   Technically, the flare out profile expands towards the bottom to accentuate the acoustic design: A pair of opposing angled upward woofer speakers. A circular rubberized control panel covers the top to complete the cylindrical body. The buttons layout and back lid LED lights are thoughtfully arranged on the soft touch surface to be seamlessly integrated with the surrounding details. The waistline at the bottom completes the design with a harmonious mood light halo that  synchronized with the music.  

    Soundcore’s Anker heritage ensures world-renowned power management technology. A single power charge can play over 200 songs to make sure the party never ends early.  If you can keep dancing, Flare can keep playing!