"Hey Girl!" Tokens for my Catcallers

  • "Hey Girl!"
    Bronze, paint, enamel paint, silicone, hair

    “Hey girl!”
    He whistles
    He calls
    He ogles
    I don’t respond.
    I’d like to throw something at him.

    “Hey Girl!” is a series of love tokens for my catcallers. Based equally off of the traditions of antique love tokens and “vinegar valentines”, these tokens are intended to be to distributed to catcalling men. They hope to provide an alternative to verbal confrontation, and could be politely handed to or thrown at catcallers with minimal active engagement. The tokens’ cutesy Valentine’s hearts are coated in a layer of simulated semen, allowing the catcalled to take back the power of forced sexual discomfort. These tokens look back upon the catcaller with his same ogling gaze.
  • "Hey Girl!" Renders
    Rhino models used to cast the bronze tokens