• Made of industrial felt in honeycomb structure, Möbel is a foldable, lightweight, unique and comfortable seating for one or two people that makes the moving in/out process much smoother. 

    This unique chair for one or two people made entirely of industrial felt. Layers of recycled felt are attached in staggered lines to create a honeycomb pattern, giving it strength while allowing minimal material weight and cost. It is very lightweight with the fabric also operating as the structural frame simultaneously. It folds up easily for transport when it's time to move, a common occurrence among today's undergraduate and graduate student population as well as young professionals.
  • To create a full seat, user take out each panels from their cases, simply align and snap the buttons on the back of end felt, pull the side panels in a rotation and clips them back together. To dissemble it, user only need to unsnap the buttons and naturally the felt would collapse to its original shape. It is a intuitive, tool-less and single-person operation, which takes less than two minute to complete the task. 
  • Design : Tianyi Shi (stytianyi.com), Max Hampton-Fischer (maxhf.com)
    Collaboration with : Tae Joong Park, Mohamed Al-Sayed Kamaledin, Shantanu Sathe, Katie Qi