• Humans are social animals that need to be connected in order to thrive and to survive. Our society operate on social norms. Most people try to conform to the standards that are cast upon them. I struggle to find the sincere, unfeigned relationship that I was hoping to receive. The relationships are often sugar coated, sarcastic even; in a way that is pretentious. Thus Social Candy is born as a catalyst for human connectivity, promoting trust and intimacy. In the format of objects and jewelry, I am utilizing “Social Candy” as a tool to measure the distance between each relationship. The result is left for the viewer to decide how close they are with one another.
  • Jewelry:Me
    📸:Keiichiro Nakajima
    Make up:Toru Sakanishi
    Hair:Tomomi Sano
    Models:Anna Chen
                     Adrienne Hugh
                     Jake Conlon
                      Yoa Mizuno