• Digital Korper 
  • A spatial dynamics project that focuses on the self and your relationship to the digital condition done for Kai Franz's class during my second semester of foundation year.
    For my project, I created an animation of a flag on Blender with an image of me on it. I was inspired by the works of Lu Yang and Sondra Perry for this piece. After going through many different iterations, (with different visuals, music, idea of using just audio, etc) I settled on the more minimal video below. Here are also some images documenting my process. 
  • Much like the youth of today, I mindlessly scroll through social media for hours where I escape to from real life. This idea is translated as me as floating in the infinitely vast digital space, almost comatose with no regard to the world outside. The flag was initially used as a way of making myself look like I was floating in space but ended up bringing in new conceptual meaning to the piece as marking my territory in the digital realm. The audio is from the first youtube video I found when I searched "relaxation music" along with the sound of my phone buzzing as I type. This project is special to me as one of the most conceptual pieces I've done this year. 
  • Thanks for watching!