• Blackburn Airstik

    Bicycle Repair Tool
    iF Design award EUROBIKE 2008
    Design & project Lead: Larry Koo

    The product photos displayed are the product of Airstik 2stage, the sleeker design version of Mammoth 2stage.  Essentially their design and functional features between the 2 models are identical, only the barrel circumference of Airstik 2stage is smaller and the pump head doesn't have the convertible Presta/Schrader head twist lock feature.

    The innovation of Mammoth 2 Stage mini-pump is to combine two major pump features in one product:  Inflating a low pressure mountain bike tire that has a high volume, and in contrast, a high pressure road bike tire with a low volume, both of which are easily accessed by a switch design on the end of the pump.  

    So how does it work? The innovation behind the feature is to get a high volume of air into the tire while both the internal pressure and pumping effort is low, when switch to the high-pressure chamber, it will then takes lesser strength to push air into the tube but with smaller amount of air. 

    For Stronger-armed users will definitely be able to place the same amount of air pressure with fewer strokes or, conversely, those looking for an easier time can switch to the other high pressure mode earlier on. Either way, a locking mechanism designed for convertible Presta/Schrader head minimizes air loss. 

    The recess detail on the pump head is to provide a resting area for the fingers when inflating the tire.  Aesthetically, it becomes an identical detail when match with a clean aluminum extrudes barrel body.  The end cap on the barrel gives a signature Blackburn design identity.  The plastic end cap is injected in translucent red where the brand icon is engraved on the backside in a subtle and elegance treatment to present the brand.