• Philips Linea V

    ​​​​​​​Cordless DECT phone
    Design & Project lead: Larry Koo

    Following the great success of the iconic Philips Linea series, the new Linea V flaunts its signature slender design and compact footprint, but with an added masculine edge and bolder silhouette.
    Design takes centre stage with the precision-engineered Philips LINEA V, featuring an unconventional V speaker opening that enhances its iconic silhouette.  Integrated within its stately form are smart features like secure docking with dual charging options and multiple privacy settings. Commanding attention at every angle and intuitive to use, the Linea V is a must-have masterpiece in any home.

    Nothing was overlooked in the design and engineering of the new Philips Linea V.  Impeccable attention to detail resulted in an even sleeker yet bold architecture, expressing purity and excellence from form through to function. 
    The signature V-shaped speaker opening is a stunning focal point, reflecting the phone’s apt name. A glossy chamfer triangle sweeps upward, meeting the edges seamlessly like an infinite loop and emphasizing the phone’s ultra slender shape. An integrated Micro USB connector on the base unit and a recharged power bank ensures the phone stays powered —and you stay connected –- always, even when the power is out. A host of other smart functions and precise ease of use complete the Linea V experience. With refined geometry and symmetry flowing in total harmony, the Linea is an exquisite work of art that elevates communication to higher level.     

    With its cleverly integrated light base, the phone communicates an event or mode by glowing in a specific color. The illumination is so subtle it doubles up as an ideal ambient or night light, while enhancing the phone’s savvy design and functionality. The light is a useful alert for incoming or missed calls, voice messages and alarm. In standby mode, it quietly sets the mood or softly illuminates any space, however if full darkness is required simply switch this function off by tapping a key on the handset.   Choose from 3 attractive colors to enhance any space in your home.