• Fidelio XS1

    Home Cinema Speakers
    Design: Andrea Ponti, Larry Koo
    Project lead: Larry Koo

    The FidelioXS1 Sound stage is designed for space saving and to enhance Cinematic experiences. It is designed in an extremely slim form in 41mm height with a wide enough foot print to support the majority of TV sizes.  A complimenting wireless slim subwoofer is designed to offer versatile placement to suit the user’s needs; vertical orientation will slip between your furniture or horizontal placement is slim enough to fit under the couch.

    Created to be as slim and unobtrusive as possible the Fidelio XS1 is just 41mm thin, meaning a TV can easily be placed on top without affecting the viewing experience, or slip it beneath the TV’s feet to enjoy a new level of sound.  A layer of highly polished and strong glass tops the Fidelio XS1, reflecting the surrounding light and even helping the TV look weightless. This blends the unit stylishly into the home and elegantly into any home design. The fully wrapped speaker grille with its rounded bottom corners give viewers a sense that the Fidelio XS1 is actually floating lightly just above the TV cabinet. This slim design does not compromise on connectivity since an easily accessible connection and control panel is in easy reach on the side of the system. The partner remote control features a dark metallic finish that matches the metal grille, so both parts look like they belong together.