A House for a Dance

  • A House for a Dance
    Mapping the last 6 minutes of Pina's choreography for the Rite of Spring allowed me to create a value system for exchanging dance moves for emotions and emotions for quantitates of space and light. By using the same system to analyze atmospheric content of the site, I could match the program of the building to appropriate site locations to include all of the land in the goal of the architecture.
    All together, visitors travel through the site undergoing the same emotional journey as the released soul of the sacrificed virgin from the Rite of Spring; a journey of struggle, self-discovery and new freedoms.
    Level 1 Plan
  • Level 2 PLan
  • Level 3 Plan
  • Map of Traffic Flow Through Site (start at top left, end bottom left)
  • Geometrical Design of Interrior Stairs Based on Spacial Constraints of the Epidermis
  • Process Model for Testing Stair Design
  • Entrance