Bloop – Chihiro Suzuki Hashimoto

  • Bloop

    Chihiro Suzuki Hashimoto   |   2013   |   Painting & Literary Arts
    A sort of hoarder's recollection of stickers and comics and all things collectible. The ghost of my image-making and collecting history can be traced to my expansive sticker collection; both as individual pieces of artwork and potential collages, I have always been obsessed with stickers and I have been collecting them since the early 90s, ever since I could remember. Last year, quietly but quite tragically, my giant collection was lost -- stolen or otherwise misplaced straight out of my studio. I posted hand-written MISSING/REWARD posters throughout my building and people came up to me every day for months to ask if I had found it yet. Nobody, including myself, could believe someone would take or throw out something of such sentimental value. Although I've restarted my collection and it is going strong, I will never forget my first mini curation. For better or for worse, whether it is the condition of my brain or through the conditioning of it, I feel half full with my collection, half empty without.
    acrylic and paper on canvas