Mother Crow – Alison Rutsch

    Alison Rutsch   |   2013   |   Illustration & Education

    This illustration was created to accompany a short story for children about a young girl who has become very introverted after losing her mother. She finds comfort in drawing but is often teased at school for being different. The girl tries to win friends by acting artificially, and succeeds for a while until her scheme backfires, and she is humiliated in front of her class. This illustration is from the end of the story, when the girl draws and draws, and slowly feels like herself again. The crow is an embodiment of the helpful spirit of her mother.

    This illustration relates to the theme "Full," as I interpreted it, because the girl is able to feel full, or emotionally complete, by satisfying her need for visual expression. It is only when she fully accepts herself that she can share her interest with others and, in doing so, make friends.