• JAZ Zlender

    Bicycle lighting accessories
    Design: Larry Koo, Zinc Chan
    Project lead: Zinc Chan

    Sexy & elegant, with style. Zlender is a simple bicycle light which blends streamlined beauty with purposeful design.  A refined aluminum exterior shell attaches to a beautifully crafted plastic body. It is also one of the best material used for building bike frames. Well-rounded design that matches well with any style of outfit. 

    It is beautifully designed with inspirations taken from interior design.  Result is to fit the light as an object smoothly with any contemporary environments like office space or home interiors.

    Good looks are important – but not as important as how something works. These bodies are well designed and assembled, with consideration for all weather conditions.  A rubberized elastic mount is designed to work with different mounting scenarios with thickness range from 36mm diameter handle bars to thin as frame seat stays.