Year of the Rooster

  • Year of the Rooster
  • "Year of the Rooster"
    Pen and ink, digital painting, 23.2 cm × 30.39 cm (9 ″ × 12 ″), 2017–18.
    An illustration for the 2017 Chinese New Year—the Year of the Rooster. This image is simultaneously an homage to my home country's mascot (the rooster), its national colors (blue, white, red), a self-portrait in the tradition of Norman Rockwell's triple self-portrait, and a friendly nod to the inspirational picture book "Need A House? Call Ms. Mouse!" written by George Mendoza and illustrated by the amazing Doris Susan Smith.

    The illustration represents the long hours I worked on my graphic novel ANIMUS during the Year of the Rooster, and features Hobac the found cat.
  • Close-up.
  • Pen and ink drawing.