The Coming One Brand eXperience Deisgn Renewal

  • The Coming One is a joint project idol audition program 
    between Tencent Video and Yjiji. 
    In the primary phases, they made an attempt to set themselves apart, 
    but they didn’t have a distinctive brand identity, and there was a lack of connectivity 
    between each part of their program. A new brand strategy was needed to differentiate 
    from existing audition shows and to emphasize the strengths of the label structure 
    that allows participants to grow into a single brand.
    The Coming One will allow participants to show off their hidden talents 
    and provides them an opportunity to clash each other without limiting 
    their various values and possibilities. 

    The Coming One's graphic motifs express different talents 
    that vary from one participant to another through 
    a variety of circular patterns. They will have built up their original colors 
    The graphic motifs will grow with the participants in line with the program, 
    expressing the identity of various stages and helping the audience 
    to understand the complexity of the show. The circular motifs can be used
     stand-aloneto express their talents and can be used as background elements 
    to convey the overall brand image. Besides graphic motifs, 
    the design essences are newly defined such as color, typeface, 
    and photo tone, and applied them to various program contacts 
    to express the consistency of the brand identity of The Coming One.


    Plus X 
    Creative Director  Myungsup shin 
    Project Manager  Daniel Kim 
    BX Planner  Youjin Jeon, jihye Won, June Kock 
    BX Designer  suji choi, Yura Kim, Hyeri yoo

    Tencent Penguin Pictures Vice-president  Tina Ma 
    Tencent Video Marketing Director  Joy Zhao 
    Tencent Video Project Manager  Fiona Zhou