• Blackburn FLEA

    Bicycle Lighting Accessories
    Headlight - Eurobike iF Design award 2008
    Rear Light - Eurobike iF Design award 2008 
    Design: Allan Wong, Larry Koo
    Project lead: Larry Koo

    Bicycle lights are heavy and take up significant space on the handle bar.  The objective of FLEA is designed to be the lightest, brightest rechargeable cycling light in the world and weight in at 170 grams. Besides equipped with an innovative magnetic wired charger, it also included various methods like solar panel and USB charging.  It offers multiple ways for charging which makes it convenient for ease of use.  It has both reviewed by the New York Times and received an IF Design Award in the EUROBIKE show of year 2008.  

    Both the front and rear flasher is relatively small with limited footprint for detailing.  The unique facet reliefs on the top housing of the front flasher created a prominent identity for a small object. The high gloss surface finishing helps to attract reflections and makes it more visible on the handle bar.  The rear flasher follows a similar treatment to the front to be consistent as a pair.  A new construction design is used for reducing the stack height of the light body.  The LED is mounted onto the PCB with an O ring sandwich between it and the top housing.  And therefore, the LED is exposed and the transparent lens is no longer needed.

    To further optimize the overall size, the charging pins are magnetized which can attach to the battery charger securely without needing a mechanical hinge attachment. A slot is placed on the backside of the flasher for threading through bungee cords or key chains for use when not mounted on the handle bar.  A piece of thin Velcro is used for mounting the light securely on the handle bar. A thin layer is coated onto the face interface with surface of the bar to prevent the light from rotating.  The Velcro strap is replaceable and the slot for mounting is compatible for zip tie as well.