Drawcember Cryptids

  • Drawcember Cryptids
    December 2017

    Starting in September of 2017 I embarked on a project responding to a few key ideas I wanted to address. I wanted to do more art for practice, and test myself on certain skills. I wanted to explore away from my style canon and play around. I wanted to embrace imaginative fantasy without rules. I also wanted to just make something new. Instead of overworking any particular personal art piece I decided to focus on creating daily art.

    I limited myself to a few hours at most; these were all intended as "sketches" or warm-up paintings. Each day was a new challenge and a new approach. Each month had a theme to tie the pieces together, chosen based on what felt exciting to me at that time.

    This was my favorite month! Cryptids are the creatures of folklore that may exist if someone could just prove it. I used these as writing prompts as well. You can read the entries on my tumblr.