October Knightly

  • October Knightly
    October 2017

    Starting in September of 2017 I embarked on a project responding to a few key ideas I wanted to address. I wanted to do more art for practice, and test myself on certain skills. I wanted to explore away from my style canon and play around. I wanted to embrace imaginative fantasy without rules. I also wanted to just make something new. Instead of overworking any particular personal art piece I decided to focus on creating daily art.

    I limited myself to a few hours at most; these were all intended as "sketches" or warm-up paintings. Each day was a new challenge and a new approach. Each month had a theme to tie the pieces together, chosen based on what felt exciting to me at that time.

    This month was an exercise in character design; I created knights and other adventure-seekers who's story could be told through the items they carry.