RISD Glass

  • Research in RISD Glass takes many different forms, from special studio courses, to semester-long sequences in the Hotshop, to extended work with visiting artists.​​​​​​​ Among the projects I was involved in were Alchemy: Making Ruby Glass, Synthesis of Light, Material Nature, and Writing Glass with Jen Bervin. More details on all of these projects here

    I also led collaborative work in the Hotshop with 
    Kambui Olujimi • Cooper O’Brien and Liesl Schubel •  Niels Cosman • Alex Rosenberg • Mark Dion • Dedo Von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk and Pamela Smith • Aaron Pexa • Anna Riley • Brett Swenson • Stephanie Pender •  Janine Antoni • Demetrius Oliver • Brendan Fernandes •Jen Bervin •Kathy Gray • Gina Borromeo • Julianne Schwartz • Bryan Wilson