Research Group

  • As I investigated further, I found an entirely confounding body of information, which placed humans and ‘nature’ at odds with one another: severely damaging bird strikes that have the potential to harm humans and equally severe damage to habitat and crude methods for managing wildlife at airfields. In response to my findings I created the Center for Wildlife Mitigation Alternatives, which published a condensed version of a government manual that highlight and contrasted the discrepancies in wildlife hazard mitigation at airports.

    The manual maintained the stylistic elements of the original government document it was referencing such that its tone could be quickly inferred. Creating a tone of seriousness was especially important given that some of the suggestions and recommendations for mitigating wildlife in the original government text seemed ridiculous despite being perfectly serious.
  • In response to some of the more aggressive tactics for mitigating wildlife at airports, I developed an interactive guidebook to be used to communicate with gulls using their own vocalization patterns and body language. In addition to the book I wrote and developed curriculum for instructor-led classes and a plan for implication at the Quonset Point Naval Air Base. Spreads from the communication guidebook are shown below.