Graduate Thesis Work Book

  • In designing this book, I wanted the reader’s experience to relate to my own experience in researching and learning how to freedive. With that in mind, I created a layout that emphasized a sensation of over and under, light and dark, disorientation, as well as subtle reminders to the reader to breathe/not breathe.
  • I wanted to visually convey the depth and the complexity of the body in a freedive while at the same time addressing the psychological physiological elements of diving that are not apparent on the surface. 
  • In addition to the book, I created a physical installation in the style of a research wall for the Graduate Thesis Exhibition in the Rhode Island Convention Center. It brought the viewer along the line of thought that drove the research, emphasizing breath, the unknown, the space of the deep, and the physiological changes the body underwent in performing a dive. The installation incorporated primarily video and prints as well as printed media and sculptural elements.