Ala Longa Restaurant

  • Ala Longa Visual Identity

    Ala Longa is the new à la carte restaurant located at the Port 9 resort, in Croatia's gorgeous Korčula island. We were invited to design their new visual identity and a bilingual menu system. 

    The idea for the logo draws inspiration from the restaurant's name - Ala Longa - meaning long and slow. Letters in the logotype are rhythmically elongated to look like sea waves, evoking feelings of relaxation and enjoyment. No need to rush anywhere, you're on a holiday. 

    Memorable visual identity is easily established with a simple logotype pattern which brings out the feeling of sea waves with its repetetivneness. Menu covers are printed on a turquoise paper for an optimistic, summer, fresh look.

    Client: HTP Korčula d.d.
    Agency: Manasteriotti DS
    Art Direction and Design: Igor Manasteriotti
    Naming: Fabular
    Interior Design and Architecture: Kaliterna Arhitektura
    Printing: Cerovski Print Boutique
    Lettering assistance: BAM studio
    Interior photos courtesy of Port 9 Resort