"Emotion"–50 Drawing Series

  • 50 Series (drawings) - Emotion

    For the RISD drawing final in Eleanor Lazarek's class, the students were tasked the creation of a fifty series exploring one theme. I chose the theme of emotion, as I've always felt that my emotions were always opposing one another in the extremes, jerking me around and leaving me without control. Thus,  I wanted to explore subtler kinds of emotions, such as tenderness, melancholy, quietness...

    Ultimately, the project taught me to feel more deeply, and I began to break away from the extreme emotional dips that I was experiencing before.

  • Skeleton drawings (charcoal powder, conté crayon, 18x24")

  • Flower drawings (charcoal powder, conté crayon, 18x24")

  • Self-portraits (charcoal powder, conté crayon, 18x24")

  • Portrait of a homeless man sitting in a café, (charcoal powder, conté crayon, 18x24")

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