• Healthcare and virtual therapeutics is a promising new field, whose applications are still not fully understood and hardly imagined. Everyone, especially people with disabilities can benefit from virtual reality‚Äôs inherent immersive-ness, because it transports us away; from where we are, pain we might feel, monotony of recovery, or from fear of a medical treatment. How can experiences created for patients of conditions be elevated to new artistic and a more therapeutic level?
  • Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Limestone is a group of close friends. After studying design at Rhode Island School of Design for years together and circulating through College Hill; we craved for something new that would break the patterns of ideas and work which we and those around us were accustomed to. We decided to combine our efforts and energies into a collective which would attempt to reimagine culture, art, design, expression, and socialization, through headset media. Limestone was birthed.