• Discomfort Zone
    Temperature is closely associated with the way all living species exist on this planet. There is a threshold within which different species can operate efficiently and without discomfort. Once placed in an environment which exceeds this threshold, there is a tendency to adapt, manipulate or even flee. Us, human beings, through the span of our lives, tackle temperature, climate and weather everywhere we go. Due to a past of scientific and technological advancement, we have tried to diminish the element of discomfort in almost all aspects of our lives, even temperature. 
    Yet there are often times where we find ourselves in spaces which show an elevation in temperature, one which is out of our control, and forcing us to flee.

    The concept revolves around giving a pure visual interpretation of the way people interact with high temperatures and hence the room.The notions of uncomfortability, haste of movement vs. the slowed down melting process etc. give a bare-bone visualisation of an inherent behavioral pattern we exhibit as a biological response.