Nice to be Here

  • Hello.
    Nice to be here, isn’t it.
    To have your head in this bubble.
    You know, its no small achievement, the technology used to get you here.
    You’re experiencing the SciFi of recent past.
    Do you think about the future?
    Of course you do! 
    But its more complicated now … isn’t it?
    We are witnessing the sixth mass extinction in our planet’s history
    And the only one to be caused by the actions of a single species - Mankind
    Listen to all of that…
    Don’t you think you’d miss them if it were gone ?
    Does it feel different now? 
    The Future?
    More urgent?
    Or has it vanished into the distance?
    Do you still worry about the same things?
    Can you indulge in the same escapism?
    What can you do to help our planet?
    Well, time is nearly up
    You should head back to your own fragmented world...