Walk In My Corridor I

  • For my project, “Walking in My Corridor”, my approach is to objectively choose and pick the objects that belong to three kinds of people from different ages, and then to put them in between the transparent materials and construct them in the format of bags. By doing this, I give a general representation of different people lives’ mundanity by the objects they use. The bags are not wearable. The separation of objects in three different types of bag is the representation of people’s isolation of lives in the city. They are not functional as bags. They are objects in the contour of bags.

  • Bag No.1
  • For the Bag No.1 which represents high school student, I borrow the form of a backpack, for it is the kind of the bag that young people are using to go to school.  High school student is a group of people in China that bears so much expectation from families and society especially under the policy of one child policy. A large part of their life is about passing the exams. The route for most high school students are between school and home, with little freedom to go to other places. The objects that compose their lives include stationaries and other objects for entertainment. I put in a high school math exercise book, a correction tape, a uni ink pen, a pair of ear pods, a round mirror, a bottle of “maidong”, a pack of mentos mint candy, fours key board  “a””w””s””d”, a eyemask, and a mouse pad. This bag shows the mundanity of high school students, who is a large group of young people that faces the pressure of entering into college but also try to defend their last territory of entertainment.
  • Bag No.2
  • Bag No.2 which is in the form of suitcase, represents the middle age man group. I put in a lighter, two cigarette packages “Zhong Hua” “Yu Xi”, a strip of cold medicine, a moutai packaging, a staple, a pen, three clips, a tea cup, some green tea, a pack of smecta, a floss, a foot patch, a credit card, a tooth brush, a comb, some snacks. This bag expresses the mundane office activities, entertainment culture, and unavoidable ailment of middle age people.
  • Bag No.3
  • Bag No.3 is a old lady’s bag which is most commonly seen on the street. In the bag, there is a fan and a high heel shoe with gold sequin for public square dancing ( which is an exercise routine performed to music in square, plazas or parks of the nation’s cities), a pair of presbyopic glasses, a glass case, a box of Berberine, a can of pehchaolin( an old Chinese cosmetic brand.)