Garland of Lotus

  • 2008
    Acrylic on canvas
  • Here the mind is seen allegorically as skull formed from a garland of blossoming lotus flowers. This particular lotus motif was inspired by 19th Century china from porcelain collection in the Cheekwood Museum, Nashville, Tennessee. The lotus flower has been popular as decorative motif in ancient civilizations from Egypt to India and China, and has percolate throughout European decorative arts and the world via the Silk Road. The Lotus grows up out of the mud and blossoms pristinely at the surface of the water untouched by the muck beneath. This symbolizes enlightened mind transcending the muck of cyclic existence. The garland and lotus flower also refer to the energy channels in the body. In esoteric tantric imagery, the lotus is a symbol of a woman's sexual organs which¬†birth all beings. A single lotus flower produces enough electricity to power one light bulb, so this enormous radiance and energy output makes it a suitable symbol for the enlightened mind.