Arcosanti Summer 2017

  • Arcosanti: an Urban Laboratory
  • 5-week residency to acquire practical knowledge and experience on Paolo Soleri's design philosophy and building construction techniques. Gained practice with pouring concrete, finishing interior wall assembly and finishes, designing millwork for student housing unit, designing landscape, working with silt and ceramics, learning Soleri's bronze making techniques, cleaning and repairing Soleri broken 3D model. 
  • Surrounding mesa with bush fires blazing through the mountains of Mayer, AZ... SURREAL EXPERIENCE!
  • Practicing Paolo's techniques with silt 
  • Before and after photos of restoring Paolo's Claremont University School of Theology  (CA) presentation model proposal
  • Housing unit renovation - finishing dry wall installation, choosing entrance tiles  
  • Pouring ADA parking concrete slab and making concrete pavements