Slime Rancher

  • Various illustrations made for Monomi Park's Slime Rancher.
  • Image header + footer for Slime Rancher's revamped Steam page.
  • Concept for the dynamic PS4 theme, a demo of the final theme can be seen here, with interactivity + edits by Ian McConville and music/ sfx by Harry Mack.
  • Album art for the original sound track.
  • Individual banner representations of the current existing zones in the game.
  • Newsletter/ release banners.
  • For one of my first assignments I was responsible for illustrating the scrolling image at the end of the game for the credits. I've included snippets of the scene below but you can watch it in it's animated entirety here. Insanely glad I liked the song as I had to listen to it an incredible number of times while adjusting the initial animation.