Plate and Bowl Set

  • Plate and Bowl Set

    When I was designing the Plate and Bowl Set, I focused on its aesthetics and funtionality. 
    I designed the plate to serve sushi or other side dishes that are served with a dipping sauce. When the sauce is poured into the middle of the plate, it creates an elegant line in addition to keeping the food separated from the sauce.  
    The bowl was designed to serve noodle soup such as ramen or udon, which comes out with a generous amount of broth and toppings. The bowl provides good volume to serve those dishes without overflowing.
  • Plates in use
  • Different types of glazings inside of the bowls
    Plate Making Process
  • Plate positive was carved out from molding plater.
  • With the plate positive, I made a two part plaster mold for slip casting.
  • Plate slip casted, right after coming out of the mold (before the bisque fire).
    Bowl Making Process
  • Bowl positive was also carved out from molding plater.
  • With the bowl positive, I made a two part plaster mold for slip casting (Open casting technique).
  • Plate and Bowl Set