• VENGEANCE : Part I


    Woven | Knit | Cotton | Silk | Piping | Tailoring | Sewing

  • Inspired by tailored evening wear and the speed and the strength of motorcycle bombers, The Vengeance Suit became an active take on formal clothing. 
  • After illustration was drawn from inspiration, flats are mapped according to proportion and silhouette.

  • Drafts, patterns, and drapes revisited and edited in the form of the jacket. Front sleeve seams removed for a cleaner look. Knit underarm to allow stretch and hand sewn interfacing on shoulders for structure.
  • With woven fabric, the tailored jumpsuit was pattern close to the body for fit meanwhile allowing movement. Details such as piping and streamlined seams were added for effect. Hand sewn hems, and armhole for finishes.
  • modeled by Jesslyn Sutisna