Spring Semester Drawing 2018

  • Cyanotype on Muslin, 11x14"; Cyanotype on Stretched Paper 9x12"; Cyanotype on Prepared Paper 9x12"
  • Ink on Mylar, 9x12"
  • Collages on Paper, approximately 6x10"
  • Acrylic on a Map, approximately 20 x 36"; Graphite, Tacky Glue, and Acrylic on Paper, 18x24"
  • Graphite and Tacky Glue on Paper, 18x24"
  • Charcoal on Paper, 18x18"
  • Self Portraits: Accompanied, In Costume, and From Behind -– Charcoal on Paper 18x24"
  • Charcoal on Paper, 9x12"
  • Brown Ink on Paper, 6x6"