MA HAZA- 3D printed objects

  • In response to my spatial dynamics assignment :"Using found forms and traditional clay sculpting techniques, create a design object or sculpture to be 3D scanned,printed and distributed digitally."  I made a 3D printed earring set, recognized for it's weird and obscure shape.  These earrings come in various color palettes and designs, striving for a vibrant energy and funkiness to stem out of it.  It is this funkiness and strange shape of the earring that led to the arabic name given to it "Ma Haza", meaning "What is this?!".  The word is used in various contexts, either as a positive reaction to something or a negative expression; which is typically the response and drive behind these earrings.

    Adding to that, I made a commercial video for my product which is available on my Behance and Vimeo account.

    Product purchase is available in the following link: