The Brown Daily Herald

  • "Writer remembers how she used to love animals but then she got a dog and her parents had to take care of it… and she had other things to worry about."
  • “Writer riffs on the idea of typos and explores alternative realities in which we mean what they typos said.”
  • “Writer points to the state of political satire in a climate that seems too ridiculous to parody.”
  •   “Writer recalls the drunken impulse to text everyone she has ever wronged.”
  • "Writer reflects on the mental satisfaction that comes from de-cluttering."
  • "Writer reviews 'Jane the Virgin' from the CW."
  • “Writer explores things that annoy her at Brown, from a stapler at the Sci-Li, being unable to use multiple meal credits within the same hour, and missing the David Cameron talk.”

  • “Writer discusses 4 books from her childhood and how they have shaped her and continue to do so.”
  • “Writer talks about problems with the narrative of sweeping all the Ivy Leagues, the way in which the myth of elite schools is constructed, and extends this phenomenon to other recent events in pop culture.”
  • "Writer speaks about the positive impact 'Steven Universe' has had on her life."
  • Illustrations accompanying student-written articles published in the online newspaper The Brown Daily Herald, out of Brown University.  
    Art Director: Katherine Cafaro