Camera Obscura (RISD foundations studies)

  • Risd foundation year: Design
    Instructor: Nicholas Evans-Cato
    Time: 3 weeks

    Looking through the photos of my foundation projects, I found this camera obscura, which is one of my all time favorite project.

    The assignment required student to build a camera obscura out of ONLY card board.

    The camera must have the following features:

    - Project image inside the housing
    - Change appenture size 
    - Change lens focus 

    Everything (except the lens and mirror) must be made with cardboard, and adhesive of any kind is prohibited.

    This project is the first to give me an outlook on industrial design. 

    P.S sorry about the quality of the photo and background setup, I was a freshmen back then.
  • These cardboard gears are used for zooming and focusing the lens.
  • The image perceived through the lens is then reflected off of the angle mirror.
  • The corrugation of the card board is used as gears that drive the inner body forward (for zooming in and out).
  • Assembling of the gears.
  • Assembly of the aperture.
  • Gouache paintings were produced after looking through the camera obscura. 
  • Initial planning and sketches: