"Common Dream"

  • "Common Dream"
  • Traditional Chinese encouragement of study hard to change the future are projected on the screen above the work. Income inequality increases dramatically in China as economic development goes up. The fundamental problem is that the ideals that the government plants in the nation prevents people from rebelling for or even acknowledging the problem of inequality. The idea of trying to climbs out of poverty or low income by personal effort instead of resisting the unequal policies and society structure is enforced throughout childhood. For the greater good, individual inequality is sacrificed. propaganda induced dream of “working hard for one and ones children would result in more income and success” leads individuals to desperately try to climbs up an already limited and closed box. The reality is, the factor that actually effect how much one’s income is have nothing to do with how good one does a job, but which region one’s in and which work unit. Regional income inequality is severe and needs to be acknowledged in China. Rather than blindly follow the unrealistic ideal and accept the situation, one should question the nature of the hierarchal structure of Chinese economy and politics.