Museum of Science and Industry: Future Energy Exhibit

  • Future Energy Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry is an immersive collaborative gaming environment that puts Chicago‚Äôs energy future in the hands of visitors. Through five gaming stations, visitors are split into teams and asked to put themselves into the roles of engineers, city planners, and car designers to create cars, houses, neighborhoods, and cities that are more energy efficient.

    In version 1.0 of this experience, I worked with the lead designer to prototype, test, and refine the games. I also created game effects for that version.

    For version 2.0 of this experience, I, as the lead designer, was tasked with assessing the previous iteration of games and creating functional and visual changes to the experiences to make them more user friendly. Among other smaller changes, we integrated interactive tutorials into the first round of gameplay to ease visitors into the experience.