• Aluminum ProjectㅣExploration of TextureㅣWall Piece
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  • During the second half of my sophmore year in Industrial Design, we worked with sheets of aluminum, where we had the freedom of building anything we wanted to. I used to work with ceramics alot during highschool where texture was one of the key things that gave life to the piece. From that I wanted to create a piece with the aluminum sheet that had texture to give a different aspect than the original perfect shiny metal.
    First, I started to hammer scraps of aluminum to see what kind of texture I would get on the aluminum. I found that both the dent from the hammer head and from the anvil gave a very interesting texture to both sides of the aluminum. The side I hammered in had a clear dent texture while the other side had a cleaner smoother texture. While I hammered the aluminum, I found that the piece would curve up which I decided to incorporate into my piece.
    I chose the 3 basic geometric shapes to represent my exploration of a textured piece: triangle, circle, and square. I chose these 3 shapes to create something simple that I could hang on the wall. I decided to use the natural curving for the triangular shape to create wave like shapes. As for the circle, I used the back side of the hammered side to show the smoother texture which slowly transends to the next texture: the layered squares. I layered different sizes of squares by using rivets to suggest a texture that's created with the smoothness of the undented aluminum itself.