Jigsaw Jigsaw (Electrical Jigsaw)

  • Spring semester 2018: Smart Matter 
    Instructor: Peter Yeadon
    Time: 2.5 weeks

    Jigsaw jigsaw:

    This jigsaw takes advantage of this special kind of foam material called Poron XRD, which has exceptional impact and shock absorption capabilities. The Jigsaw incorporates Poron XRD (the yellow sheet material) in three main areas: the surface of the handle, the intersection between the handle and the lower body and the platform at the bottom of the saw.

  • Hand renderings:
  • Before patting applied:
  • 3 layers of poron xrd were applied to reduce shock as shown in this diagram:
  • A wooden model is sculpted first to test the effects of poron xrd:
  • The following laser test shoots a laser towards a mirror that is placed on top of model, which simulates the vibration of a drill. When poron is applied on the wooden model, the wavelength of the laser pointer decreases:
  • Orthographic drawings: