is a juice bar chain store locate near yoga studios that
    provide fresh-squeezed juice for people after yoga practice.
  • Project OJAS is commissioned by 枕草子 Zhen Cao Zi, an aromatherapy brand and Yoga education organization based in GuangZhou, China. The commission is to design product and experience around Yogis (people who practice Yoga).

    It all started with a question

    "Why do you practice Yoga?"
    I asked people in Yoga Studios.

    "To lose weight."
    Most of them answered.

    When I asked them what they want the most after Yoga practice, they said
    "Something to drink, something healthy."

    Therefore, OJAS is a juice bar chainstore that locates near Yoga studios,
    providing fresh squeezed juice as substitutions for meals.​​​​​​​
  • In Sanskrit, OJAS means "Vigor".
    OJAS employs Ayurveda, an ancient medical tradition from India.
    Ayurveda believes eating is crucial to balance internal energy, 
    to bring your body in harmony with nature to acquire health.

    Juice is fluid, easy to absorb, thus is the perfect medium to balance body energy.
  • Ayurvedic science believes the body is a combination of three "dosha", (energy):
    Vata, Kapha, Pitta 

    Each individual has a dominant Dosha depending on one's natural construction,
    The dominant Dosha becomes one's body type.
  • The mission of OJAS is to design juice recipe base on each Dosha,
    to provide you the right juice that benefit you the most 
    based on your body type, current season and climate.
  • In order to to substitute meals and cover a full spectrum of nutrition,
    OJAS juices are complemented with pouches of mix nuts.
    (Also specially developed for your body type)​​​​​​​
  • Other than fresh squeezed juices, 
    Ojas also provide bottles juices that provide general health benefits, 
    such as Grapes, Oranges, Kiwi fruit and Watermelon. 

    These juices are blended with essential extracts such as Rose extract and Neroli extracts.

    The bottled juices are made and packaged in factories and delivered to stores.
  • Each OJAS storefront lays about 160 square feet, locates near complexes of yoga studios.

    Bottles are stocked in the front for easy access, the counter store nuts and fruits for the fresh juice, which are made at the counter. Menu above shows products for your body types in the current season.

    Doshas (body types) are introduced as a mural. Tablet on the side contains a quiz that tells you your body type. You can also scan the QR code on wall, which will direct you to the quiz.
  • The quiz takes 5mins to finish, with questions of mind, health status, personalities, etc.
    It will generate answers regarding your Dosha, with analyzation and suggestions on suitable
    diet, work, activities, etc. 

    The quiz is WeChat-compatible, so you can link your Dosha profile to your WeChat account, 
    through which you can stay connected with official OJAS account, which you can subscribe for
    new products of the season, for your body type.

    The official OJAS account will be connected to 枕草子 Zhen Cao Zi, which can lead you to essential oil products, Yoga or medication classes that are helpful for your body type.