Reflection Room

  • Where - GD Commons at RISD / When - All hours, best experienced at night / Who - Class, but also open to general student + faculty body.
    What - 4' x 100' Reflective Mylar, Rolls of white paper, Binder clips, Cables and Tape.

  • The Experience
  • Inspiration

    Studio Ghibli director Miyazaki once highlighted the importance of having "still" moments in film to contrast the higher energy scenes which contribute to the overall ambiance of a film. In Japanese, these slow scenes where nothing really happens, or as Miyazaki describes as "clouds rolling by", are called "ma" (meaning emptiness). This is a technique where the pacing of a film is slowed to accentuate and showcase the more important scenes; the viewer is made to physically feel the passing of time which is crucial time for character or story development in these films.

  • What Happened

    Enter the Reflection Room.
    An entrance of reflective mylar curtains, visitors are invited take off their shoes to enter the space. Once inside, a reflective mylar floor blends into white walls. A bench sits under a canopy. After a few minutes of observation and eventual boredom (there's nothing else in room), the lights shut off.

    Visitors are encouraged to use the flashlight function on their mobile devices.
    The light reflects off the mylar and organic, abstract, dancing patterns respond to the visitors' movements. In collaboration,
    layers of this pattern can be created to respond to each individuals' movements.
  • The Entrance
  • Exterior, Looking in                                                                                                              Interior, Looking out
  • Lights On
  • In the Dark
  • Very special thanks to Erica Moon, Philip Lau, Lizzie Wright. and Aaron Heskes! <3