Boeing Watering Can

  • Fall semester 2017: Prototyping form (remake)
    Instructor: Ayako Takase
    Time: 2.5 weeks

    The Boeing Watering Can:

    Who said watering cans can't be high-tech? Well, at least look high-tech...

    In this ID advance studio class, we were asked to designed a watering can based off of the aesthetics of a brand/ company. My company was The Boeing company.

    This one is a remake of the design I proposed in class.

  • Water is filled through the two extrusions on the top of the watering can. One of the extrusion will have a grey-water filtration system inside.
  • These extrusions serves to mimic the outlook of an airplane's turbine.
  • These casings gives the watering can a segmented aesthetics  
  • The way user fill up water with the watering can simulates how a airplane turns mid-air.
  • Nylon 3D printed scale model.
  • Transparent Resin 3D printed working scale model. 
  • Here is the goofy process video: