Unlocking New Play Experiences in Cardboard Construction
    with Slide-Saw 

    To create a product for the toy company, MAKEDO, that gives greater independence to kids ages 7+ and empowers a new audience of Makers of every age.

    A multitool that combines a better saw, a perforator, and a clean aesthetic in line with the company's brand.

  • Process
  • Problem Definition
    MAKEDO is an easy-to-use play system for constructing with cardboard. 
  • Yet, their current products, SAFE-SAWs and SCRU-DRIVERs, can be difficult to manage. Craft knives also cut way cleaner (right image: left cut) than SAFE-SAWs.
  • This product should be perfectly suited for kids ages 7+ and also be enjoyable for teenagers and adults in Makerspaces. (Images courtesy MAKEDO Instagram).
  • Key Concepts
    1: Single injection-mold tool: No moving parts, every tool in one place, one mold.
  • 2: Articulating multitool: MINI-TOOL integrated into tool, blade molded into handle.
  • 3: Sliding multitool: Includes new tool (perforator), movable blade.
  • Testing would be done in-house through friends and family of MAKEDO with young children. I also used the product extensively on DIY projects.
  • Manufacturing
    Made mostly from ABS plastic, this tool can be disassembled and recycled. It is made with a thin profile for a comfortable grip and reduced plastic use. The saw and perforator are made from steel.
  • Technical Drawings
    Measured in millimeters.
  • Exploded View
    Pictured: 1) blade, 2) SCRU-lock, 3) mechanism, 4) perforator, 5) handle.
  • Future
    MAKEDO continues to enjoy international fanfare and a growing network of users. Their next products are currently in development.

    I continue to use MAKEDO for quick prototyping with cardboard, and building semi-permanent furniture. You can find some of my projects on Instructables.