PPL Cafe Day and Night

  • Providence Public Library- 1st floor corner cafe

    Project brief(narrative)-

    open and fun space for community connectedness, absorb wide range of people into library through cafe

    About the site(PPL)…
    Providence demography: socially and economically segregated and diverged in age, education, social status and ethnicity

    PPL personality: old, traditional +young, hopeful at the same time, knowledgable and informative, versatile, flexible, inviting and blending everything,

    Main user group:
    1youth, kids, teenagers and their parents/gardians
    2less educated ppl trying to self educate
    3life long learning ppl look for variety of information and knowledge resources.

    My client wants: attract ppl flow to use library, introduce community to lifelong learning, spread knowledge and idea, inform through space, encourage conversations through community

    Neighborhood occupants and regulars: university students, local occupants(regency plaza mostly elder mature and graduate school students), Providence city locals, homeless, downtown flowing visitors, history site lovers

    Competitors: local brewery, university canteen, nightbourhood cafes, cheap residence area grocery

  • My theme, my concept:
    Day cafe(light installation at night) and night bar(flexible exhibition space during day time)

    Maximize usage, target bigger group of customer, expand one space into two circulations+separate entities..

    My program:
    My structure(fixture): Roof structure, back organic shaped structure

  • Final design and presentation: Rhino model, skylight render, diagrams, physical model included 3d printed parts, material palette, branding package of Cafe Day and Night.