Flower Wallpaper

  • The images on each panel are of plant cells under the microscope, digitally manipulated to make decorative patterns and are in fact also computer codes – augmented-reality “tags” functioning like QR – that permit users, via my custom-designed augmented reality app, to see my embedded 3D rendered flowers. I modeled the flowers in a VR (virtual reality) application called Anyland, then added textures in Unity. I made the augmented reality app using Unity and Vuforia. Using your handheld smart devices or VR headset you can look through my app to glimpse a world of pulsing invisible flowers harvested from the a virtual garden, covered with animated graphics culled from computer code and manmade materials. The Flower Wallpaper a metaphor for the internet, imagine it as a world of inversion where the rational order of reason and technology turns in on itself. The wallpaper is embellished by virtual decorative elements that use an aesthetic of fake-ness where technology has replaced nature. It is both sugary sweet and chemically toxic in equal measures.