• Materials:
    Recycled plastic cut outs: ¢40/pound
    Recycled plastic beads: ¢40/pound

  • This is a collection of sustainable accessories (including 1 head pieces and multiple jewelry pieces) made from recycled beads and plastic. I bought all of the materials for this project from RRIE (Resources for R.I. Education), where an organization collects excess resources that businesses throw away. 

    I focused on working with the materials and their potentials in this project. And I took a different approach of the design process. I bought the materials first without a design, and I spent a lot of time playing with them. The process is much more experimental, but I get to learn about the materials, what they can do, and what configurations work the best with them. Eventually I arrived at a collection consists of two opposite styles: the black plastic works are wild and abstract, while the clear beads are small and delicate.