Wall of Hope - Ceramics

  • Wall of Hope . Providence Place Providence RI .
    As a reiteration of, then temporary, exhibit for 9/11 grieving families, the design intent was to centralize visitors interaction with the Wall of Hope tiles in the middle of the tunnel while using biophilic design principles and prototype to reveal responsive solutions to the site’s physical, experiential and programmatic parameters. 
  • Virtual mock up of central pivoting panels 
  • Concept models
  • First iteration of central panel
  • Final iteration of central pivoting panels
  • Once I found the way to control the temperature and time in the kiln to repeat the new shape for the Florim tiles, I started researching a pattern that would iterate water qualities sensorially: visually with color and gradual change, sound with the tiles moving in the wind, tactile with textures and shapes. 
  • Layout
  • Weaving pattern test
  • In situ trial 1 
  • In situ trial 2