Connecting Charlestown

  • Connecting Charlestown . 105 First Avenue Charlestown MA .
    Following Climate Change Boston 2030 initiatives against high risks of rising water and storm surge and using Cross-Laminated Timber to convert the deteriorating historical Chain Forge building into a community center in normal weather conditions and an emergency hub under flooding conditions reconnecting the population to safety and medical care.
  • Host: Chain Forge building, Charlestown, MA, ca 1930
    Existing structure: The building has been closed and decaying since 1973. The entire site is barricaded preventing surrounding occupants and visitors to pass though second street which is a pedestrian alley with restaurants, businesses and medical offices. Also the building is located in a high risk flooding zone due to sea level rise and storm surge.
  • CLT pathways bridge the waterfront community to the Chain Forge Building where indoor and outdoor activities and commercial services are offered during dry weather conditions.
  • CLT pathways bridge the Chain Forge Building to nearby medical facilities
  • CLT pathways bridge the Chain Forge Building to nearby medical facilities and Tobin Memorial highway.
  • The lower level of the Powerhouse is a community garden placed in raised beds in case the building gets flooded. Crop owners are able to rent a booth on available on upper levels to sell during farmers markets and other community organized events. Upstairs are 
  • North entrance inside the Connector. On the right, the ground level with raised crop beds and the second floor connecting to the Main building on the left which house a ball court on the ground level. 
  • The ground level also houses an indoor children playground, picnic chairs and tables with direct access to outdoor courtyard.
  • More CLT rooms within the core of Main building layered at different heights to mitigate different flooding heights. In dry conditions all levels are used for farmers market, movie night, exhibition, library, classes, daycare, any activity that the neighborhood needs over time. 
  • Storm surge has raised the ocean water level to at leas 6 feet above ground. Here the CLT pathways are necessary for survival, running to safety and higher grounds.
  • Inside, different floor levels at 5 and 10 feet increment help the population reach to safety and higher grounds.