Beancake (绿豆糕) Package

  • The Project
    This project is about designing a hypothetical company as well as the packages of one product line. In this case, my company would be aiming at producing traditional Chinese deserts and my product line is bean cakes of different flavors. 

    My company would be aiming at selling Chinese snacks that originated from Wu Commandary. Ideally, the company would stretch its product line to both domestic markets and international markets. 

    For this iteration of product line, it would be hypothetically sold in international markets toward Chinese people who stay abroad as the main customers. In the U.S. market, traditional Chinese bean cakes are hard to come by, and they are usually marketed at the lower-end side. This product also aims at providing a higher-end proudct for customers. 

    RESTRICTIONS: Only use E-flute corrugated cardboard as the material of the package; Consider the identity of the company as well as the product line. 

    The Company
    Building a comprehensive visual language of the identity of the company was quite a challenge at first. It's also quite hard to give the company a good name. I started from researching traditional names of the Wu commandatory and finally ended up with WUJUN, hence the name WUJUN PAVILION. The logo came from forms of ancient Chinese scripts combined with modern radicals. The water radical symbol as well as house symbol goes well with PAVILION and Wu commandatory, which has a lot of rivers and lakes. 

    The Bean Cakes
    The bean cake product line would include four different flavors: Mung Bean Cake (green-bean cake), Soybean Cake (yellow-bean cake), Adzuki Bean Cake (red-bean cake), and Mixed-Ingredient Cake (cake with eight treasures.) The product names are spray painted with flourescent paints to give a shinny look. Each package would have 12 small cakes of different surface patterns, which are laser-cut on the package for their presentations. Product information is UV-printed on the front and back of the packages.

    Package Design